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Auditor firms are subject to the anti money laundering directive. Auditors needs a basic understanding of the risks involved with their products and services, as well as the legal requirements.


Auditors needs to understand the Know-Your-Customer principles when onboarding customers, in order to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. 

Employees in auditor firms need different knowledge of AML, depending on their position in the firm. In general, auditors needs knowledge of the risk-based approach, indicators, identifying the source of funds and the clients purpose for its activities, in order to flag or report suspicious transactions and activities to the reporting officer (MLRO). 

The AML app is developed by legal professionals specialized in anti money laundering and counter terrorist financing. 

What does the AML app provide:

  • Anti money laundering and counter terrorist financing training for employees.

  • Document the training and the level of competence. 

  • Contribute to ongoing and regular training of employees.


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