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Lawyers are obliged to comply with European Anti Money Laundering legislations in certain situations (fourth AML directive Article 2 (3) (b)) - where they participate, whether by acting on behalf of and for their client in any financial or real estate transaction, or by assisting in the planning or carrying out of transactions for their client concerning the:

(i) buying and selling og real property or business entities;

(ii) managing of client money, securities or other assets;

(iii) opening or management of bank, savings or securities accounts;

(iv) organisation of contributions necessary for the creation, operation or management of companies;

(v) creation, operation or management of trusts, companies, foundations, or similar structures;

The AML app provides training in AML to fulfill the lawyers obligation to acquire the necessary knowledge of anti money laundering regulations. The app provides for a documented certificate of experience. The app is developed by legal professionals specialized in Anti Money Laundering and counter terrorist financing. 

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