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What is the AML app?
New Anti Money Laundering Acts

Across Europe, new AML Acts have been implemented in accordance with the European Union's fourth and fifth AML Directives. The fourth directive imposes obliged entities with several new obligations. Failure to comply with the directive, may result in reputational damage and serious sanctions from the FSA.

The change in the risk emphasizes the need to ensure that the obliged entities comply with AML regulation and ensure that its employees have sufficient expertise. This app covers the new legal requirements. 

With the AML app, you acquire basic knowledge of Anti Money Laundering regulations and examples on how to detect suspicious activities through gamification. The app is categorized in relevant modules. You acquire knowledge by answering questions about Anti Money Laundering and legal requirements. As you play, your knowledge increases and you gain more points. Additionally, the app lets you play against other employees in your company. While playing, you are supported by factual information that provides you with relevant information to answer the questions. 

You gain knowledge of AML requirements and ensure up-to-date education as the app is continuously updated with new content.

The app provides a solid understanding of AML requirements and how you can protect the entity against money laundering. 

The app will continuously be updated with new and relevant content. This includes the dilemma training. 

Who are we?

We are a law firm specialized in Anti Money Laundering. From our office in Oslo Science Park, we collaborate with tech companies which makes it possible for us to use new technology and develop new solutions for Governance, Risk and Compliance. The AML app with gamification, provides for a fun and addictive way of acquire new knowledge.

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